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CoA Phase 2

  • Simple: Each segment will have a clearly defined purpose, streamlining process, reporting and usability.​​
  • Efficient: The simplicity of chart changes allow the user to spend more time analyzing and less time reconciling.​
  • Enduring: The chart structure will align with HR and financial systems now and in the foreseeable future.

What benefits will we gain?

  • Align the department segment with the HCM project to drive greater efficiency across university systems​
  • More consistent and robust financial reporting across the university
  • Enhanced transaction management and tracking capability
  • Simplified and standardized project accounting

How are we doing it?

  • Collaborate: Gather input from Chancellor and central administration units to ensure the proposed changes meet the university’s needs
  • Refine: Validate the chart mapping, reconcile data, and pinpoint unit training needs
  • Socialize: Open lines of communication and feedback to provide project updates and include unit leadership for local/intra-unit information exchange