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CoA Phase 2 – Simple | Efficient | Enduring 

What does it mean to be Simple, Efficient, and Enduring? For the Chart of Accounts Phase 2 Project (CoA Phase 2) this means the ability to SEE the future of Rutgers with a greater ability to manage our financial and human resources information with greater efficiency, less complexity, optimized financial and human resource systems integration, and enhanced reporting capabilities. 

Our Project Vision is to… 

“Design a simple, efficient, and enduring chart of accounts that aligns with the organizational structure and addresses business needs.”  

Most importantly, we are excited to share our CoA Phase 2 Project Vision with you, the stakeholder community, as we begin this pivotal step together on our change journey. 

Want to SEE more? The new CoA website ( holds current chart of accounts information and CoA Phase 2 project updates. You’ll find some helpful CoA Phase 2 project information: 

  • The vision for the project 
  • The change journey that illustrates the engagement activities that will be taking place 
  • Team lists of the Executive Committee, Steering Committee, Advisory Council, and Project Team members 

Check back soon to view the CoA Phase 2 overview and Department, Program, and Initiative segment deep dive micro-learnings! 

Please contact the Project Management Office (PMO) at with any questions, feedback, and suggestions. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 


CoA Phase 2 – Simple | Efficient | Enduring